Fuel level sensors


UM — 2.5 the Noncontact ultrasonic measuring device of level, closeness, division of environments of fuel for petrol tankers, diesel engines, motor ships, tankers and another fuel capacities.

A device is intended for measuring of level of fuel, temperature, closeness (for UM-2.5М), levels of division of environments (for UM-2.5М) in fuel reservoirs with a height no more than 2,5 meters A basic measuring element is U is the emitter with a built-in temperature sensor, set directly on the external (ground) surface of fuel reservoir. The data got from an emitter are kept and processed in a control block. A device allows to measure the level of diesel, petrol fuel, and similarly liquid environments, depending on control block software. For measuring of closeness and levels of division of environments an additional emitter (for UM-2.5М) is used. For reservoirs long more than 3 meters, the use of additional sensors is recommended.

In energyindependent memory of sensor next data are written down :
  • current date
  • current time
  • gas level in a mm or volume in litres
  • closeness of basic layer
  • levels of division of environments
  • state of lighting
  • temperature
  • ID of sensor
  • code of the state of the system
  • For maintenance of values of date and time there is a battery of feed in a device

Technical descriptions

Tension of feed 9 … 36 W
Defence on a feed to 85 W
Range of measuring of level for UM-2.5 50 … 2500 mm (to 3000 mm optional0)
Maximal thickness of bottom 8 mm
Peak current of loading of exits 10 mA
Peak current of consumption, no more 80 mA
Analog interface (0 … 1024) 0,3 … 9,7 W
Frequency interface (U=10В) 500 … 1500 Hz
Amount of exits EIA 485 1
Amount of exits EIA 485/232 1/1
An error of measuring of level is in the static mode, no more 0.5 %
An error of measuring of level is in the dynamic mode, no more 3.0 %
Error of taking temperature, no more 3.0 %
Moisture protection of emitter IP67
Temperature of exploitation -40 … +80 oC
Energyindependent memory 2 MB (30 days at a record 1 time in 30 cut)
Galvanic upshot on a feed yes
Patent yes
Conformance certificate yes
Certificate on an explosion-proof equipment
 Length of warranty 12 month