Points system

Evaluation of the driving quality is based on a system of Demerit points given for a certain period of time.

Black box

Recording of the event before and after its happening eliminates the need to take out the “black box”.

Communication with the driver

Emergency two-way communication between the driver and the controller.

Photo/video fixing

Recording of violations of the vehicle use rules (emergency situations, route deviations, etc.).


Additional equipment will allow you to know the vehicle location even when the tracking system is turned off.

Full control

Providing data on speed, fuel consumption, distance covered and time spent travelling.


Customizable notifications (about parking in a prohibited space or speeding)

Parking lots

Control of stops and parkings of the vehicle, their duration time and an indication of the start/stop time of the engine.

Keeping of records

Accumulation and systematization of all information in the database.


Tracking of tank fuel amount, refueling places and unauthorized fuel discharges.

Control points and zones

Passed way point tracking by the specified control points and border crossing zones.

Emergency button

Installation of the emergency button for emergency situations.


Full control of the location place and movements of the objects.