The digital sensor of temperature

The digital sensor of temperature is intended for functioning in composition hardware- of programmatic complex of the system of resources saving and control and serves for taking temperature of working mechanisms, surrounding air and other coolant-moderators. A sensor consists of hollow metallic bracket with the microcircuit located into him transforming data about a temperature in a digital code, filled by organic-silicon heat-conducting paste.

Structural execution of sensor is a metallic bracket with opening by the diameter of 8mm, that registers directly to the mechanism or another object, requiring control of temperature, through the threaded connection. In the case when it is required to take temperature air, liquid or friable bodies, it is necessary to envisage a heat-exchanger, for example, type of copper or aluminium plate in thick no less than 1 mm. In any of the described variants it is important to provide the reliable thermal contact of bracket of sensor with the controlled object or with a heat-exchanger, in order to avoid the origin of measuring error.