The block of defence GNS

In cars, having disrepairs in an electrical equipment, tension of side network can contain impulses to 250 In, and, in case of death relay-regulator, a permanent constituent can come to 90 In with the brief getting up to 120 В. The strongest impulses arise up in case of setting off mass of accumulator of car at an engine-on. Thus in cars with diesel engines a disrepair can be not found out at once, and in a few seconds already all electrical equipment of car can break ranks. The same fate will expect the devices set in a car in case of origin of disrepairs in a side network.

For prevention of exit of devices from a line-up and decline of noise spreading on a foodchain level, the device of defence of devices is produced from disrepairs in the side electric system of car.

The block of defence filters the hindrances of nanosecond and microsecond durations and disconnects output tension at exceeding of level of entrance tension 32 W. Thus, on the exit of device of defence in case of death relay-regulator output tension will be close to 0 W. The described device differs this from majority of present at the market devices of defence, performing the duty stabilizators-terminators of output tension. As a result the block of defence is not heated at an overstrain on an entrance, does not generate hindrances and keeps indoors from a line-up — while the devices of defence of another producers either overheat and fall out (linear terminators-stabilizators) or generate powerful hindrances (impulsive terminators-stabilizators) and too after a while fall out.

Technical descriptions

Entrance tension possible (non-destructive value) from -250 W to +250 W
Entrance tension (skipped on a device) from +8 W to +32 W
Working current skipped on a device to 0,8 A
Sizes (taking into account a bioshield) 115х14х18 mm
Length of wires for connection, mm 100
Libra with wires, g 18