About the system

About the vehicle monitoring system

Using modern equipment and specialized software, you will be able to see, control, analyze and manage the work of monitoring objects: vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, warehouses and other mobile and static objects of your company. The satellite monitoring system provides an opportunity to receive data on the exact location of transport in real time regime and for a defined period of time, monitor data coming from various indicators related to its work: mileage, speed, idle time, receive alarm signals, monitor fuel consumption, monitor the deviation from a given route, monitor the temperature in the cabin and the temperature of the engine and much more.

Immediate acquisition and analysis of the accurate data about the work of the fleet provides:

  • full control of the drivers, high punctuality
  • identification and prevention of various violations and abuses (speeding, unauthorised fuel discharge, false records in route sheets)
  • health monitoring of various transport components and assemblies and special-purpose vehicles
  • control of transport conditions and cargo storage (temperature, etc.)
  • support of continuous communication between the driver and the controller, prompt response to emergency situations
  • solution of a wide range of specialized industry tasks (for more details, see section Solutions)

Automated fleet management with the use of the monitoring system provides:

  • a wide range of opportunities for operational and strategic planning of vehicle work
  • an increase in the efficiency of vehicle use
  • reduction of expenses on fuel and lubricants
  • elimination of unauthorized use of the vehicle
  • maintenance of proper staff discipline
  • reduction of operating costs
  • transportation safety
  • prevention of emergency situations
  • an increase in the quality of services
  • prevention of vehicle theft
  • organization of management accounting related to the work of vehicles.

Proven cost recovery

Most of our customers have noted a significant improvement in the work of the enterprise already in the first months of using our system. The system pays back in the first 4 months and starts to reduce wasteful expenses and thus increase profits for a company after this specified period. To get a proof of our statement, you can read the comments of our clients and see it for yourself.

Our clients about the monitoring system

«LLP «Atbasarskaya Niva» expresses profound gratitude and sincere thankfulness to the team of LLP «Monitoring Plus» for full support, timely maintenance and constant assistance in analyzing data in the SKIF program.
With your help, we were able to reduce fuel consumption expenses and improve decision making process in our work.
We have confident intentions to maintain the existing friendly relations and look forward to further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.”

LLP «Atbasarskaya Niva»


«LLP «Akseleu» expresses profound gratitude and sincere thankfulness to the analytical department of LLP «Monitoring Plus» for its high-quality and timely work.
Stable operation of the server allowed us to track vehicles in a timely manner and conduct accounting work.
We express confidence in maintaining existing good working relations and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.”

Sincerely, N. Malayev, deputy director of LLP «Akseleu»


«LLP “Soltustik Bailyk» has been cooperating with LLP «Monitoring Plus» for a long time. During our cooperation, specialists of the analytical department of LLP «Monitoring Plus» have repeatedly revealed shortages of fuel, to be exact, unauthorized fuel discharges done to our vehicles. Also, specialists of the technical department promptly fix all failures in the equipment work. Analysts who supervise our company, communicate with us politely and try to solve all the questions connected with controller’s work with the software. For example, in 2016, with the help of GPS system the specialists were able to fully uncover unauthorized fuel and lubricants discharges done to our combined harvesters; using GPS they indicated the places and times of discharges, confirming our own suspicions about this issue. Our enterprise is fully satisfied with the work of LLP «Monitoring Plus». We wish this company further prosperity and flourishing!»

LLP “Soltustik Bailyk»