Smart City. QR code for each house 05.07.2018

Now you can learn everything about houses and buildings of state institutions using a mobile app — QR Raid. To that end, old nameplates are being replaced with the new ones with QR Code. Thanks to the smart bar code anyone can learn about how many residents live here, who is the local inspector, in what year the building was built. More details on know-how on city streets coming up in our next report:

Old nameplates are being replaced with the new ones under the Smart City project. First, the innovation was introduced in the capital city, later the pilot project started in Aktobe. Kostanay is the third city in a row, which made another step in digitalization. The first ads with QR-code appeared on residential buildings in the city center and in the area of KZHBI.

Now anyone can get full information about the buildings using the mobile app QR Raid. Houses, clinics, schools will have nameplates one by one. All you have to do is open the app and point to the QR code you’d like to scan and examine the information

Such ads will appear on 1600 houses and state institutions of the regional center until the end of summer. More than 10 million tenge will be spent on the assignment of such QR codes plus the work of the program.  The developers say they will update the numbering of buildings, some houses had no nameplates. And will grow bigger in the light of digitalization. The mobile app will be not only a place where you can get information about the building. In the future, consumers’ cooperatives will be able to post information on their activities, and residents will be able to write complaints on the website.