Grain thief found with the help of a GPS tracker in Kostanay Region 15.09.2017

Officers of Uzunkol District Office of Internal Affairs together with the security service of one of the LLP in Suvorovo Village detained «hot on the heels» 27-year-old man who stole grain worth more than a hundred thousand tenge, correspondent reports.

The police has found that this afternoon a resident of Suvorovo Village on a МТЗ-80 tractor took out milled barley from the field in the amount of two and a half tons. The thief managed to sell the novel corn. As the district police inspector Seytkali Baybolov notes, the GPS navigation system installed on the vehicle helped to detect the crime.

Before the harvesting campaign starts, a local police officer recommended that heads of organizations purchase tracking devices for the movement of agricultural machinery to prevent the theft of grain. They were installed on almost all agricultural machines of the private enterprise. Pre-trial investigation under article 188 of the criminal code of the RK «Theft» is conducted into the matter.

Remember that since the beginning of the harvesting campaign in Kostanay Region, the police have already uncovered 3  large-scale thefts of the new grain crop in Nauyrzym, Kamysty, Karabalyk Districts, with damage equivalent to three million tenge.