Almost 900 lamps will be installed in Kostanay before the end of the year 07.06.2018

This will allow up to 50% savings in street lighting costs.

Kostanay was one of the first cities in the country where ASUNO (an automated outdoor lighting control system) is being promoted. As part of the pilot project, 229 smart lamps and 25 outdoor lighting control cabinets were installed here by early June. This was announced by the akim of Kostanay Bazyl Zhakupov at a conference call with the participation of the region’s akim Arkhimed Mukhambetov.

LED street lights have already been installed on Baymagambetova, Borodina, Abaya, Uralskaya, Maylina streets.

Devices are being installed by the outsourcing firm «Monitoring-plus» LLP.

— The system would help to manage the light flux at night remotely from the Call Center, the light flux at pedestrian crossings, bus stops and accident clusters,- says the Director of LLP Alexey Dmitrenko. — In addition, you can remotely read an electric meter, monitor cases of unauthorized connection. This not only helps to minimize energy costs, but also to ensure the safety of residents.

According to experts, the lamps change the light intensity in accordance with the specified schedule, thus saving up to 50% of the electricity consumed. This year alone, compared to the same period last year, the savings amounted to about 9,000 kW in the amount of more than 220 thousand tenge. About 870 smart lamps are planned to be installed as part of the reconstruction of the city streets by the end of the year. This will reduce the cost of lighting for the city in the amount of 8-9 million tenge.

— This experience should be expanded, — Arkhimed Mukhambetov summed up the meeting. — On July 20, we will hold a seminar/meeting in Kostanay with the participation of all the akims. Share your experience, and the rest will promote it. In the future, the results of digitalization will be reviewed at the best enterprises on a monthly basis.