Teltonika — FM1125

New GLONASS/GPS- tracker from a company Teltonika — FM1125 equipped by the interfaces of RS232/485 and continues the wide line of the GLONASS-terminals intended for the systems of monitoring of transport.

Area of applicability:

  • management by autoparks
  • companies on the lease of cars
  • taxi service
  • public transport
  • logistic companies
  • passenger cars

Key features

  • RS232/RS485 (connection FLS, Garmin, LCD, RFID)
  • 1-Wire (iButton, registration of drivers, blocking of engine, monitoring of temperature, support of sensor of DS18B20, generation of events on violation of temperature condition)
  • Support of RFID (is registration of drivers, control of passengers)
  • Communication of data by means of SMS/GPRS
  • Accelerometer
  • Possibility of connection is to 5 sensors of fuel (RS485)
  • For an order models are accessible with external GLONASS/GPS by aerial
  • Autonomous feed due to the presence of built-in accumulator by a capacity 170 mA*h.
During connection of sensors of level of fuel (to 5 pieces) comes true
  • Monitoring of expense of fuel
  • Monitoring of weathering of fuel
  • Monitoring of temperature of fuel
During connection of navigators Garmin is possible:
  • Passing of messages between a driver and controller
  • Task of points of setting
  • Count of time to the point of setting.
During connection of LCD there is a transmission:
  • reports on LCD display
  • data from peripheral devices to the server
  • commands to the peripheral devices.

Base descriptions

  • There is track real-time
  • Intellectual algorithm of capture of data : depending on time, distance, corner of turn, lighting, and also through tuning of events of elements of input/of conclusion
  • Communication of the collected data by means of GPRS (by means of TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Intellectual algorithm of connection of GPRS for the economy of GPRS of traffic
  • Work in roaming on the list of the preferred providers of GSM
  • Events during activating of elements of input/of conclusion and notification on GPRS or SMS
  • Pre-arranged dispatch of SMS of 24 coordinates, in case if GPRS is not accessible
  • 5 zones of «geofence» (rectangular or round)
  • Mode of deep sleep of «Deep sleep» (consumption of energy less than 2 mA)
  • FOTA (updating of sewing by means of GPRS)
  • 3 office (home, roaming, unknown) hours on the basis of operator
  • the decision of possible problems becomes quicker. A producer can read logs remotedly through SMS/GPRS for timely diagnostics and correction of disrepairs of FM1125.
Integrated scenarios
  • overspeed — for providing of safety of driver and prevention of receipt of fines
  • function of «immobiliser» (prevention of driving away)
  • finding out beginning and end of journey

Technical descriptions

Frequency range, MHz GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
Communication of data GPRS class 10 (to 85, 6 kbyte/sec) SMS (text, data)
GLONASS/GPS Protocol compatible with NMEA, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG / 32 channel receiver GLONASS/GPS / susceptibility: -161 dBm
Interfaces RS232
1 digital entrance
1 analog entrance
1 digital exit («open» collector)
1-Wire (temperature sensor)
1-Wire (iButton)
Micro USB
Internal GSM aerial
Internal GPS/GLONASS antenna
Internal reserve battery
2 light-emitting-diode indicators of the state
Supply, W +10…+30 W direct-current built-in reserve battery by a capacity 170 mА*h
Sizes, mm 65 x 56,6 x 18,9
Updating of sewing and configuration FOTA or through USB cabel